What is a QR Code? A QR code encodes arbitrary data much like a barcode does. We leverage this technology to encode website URLs that can then be scanned using a QR code reader App readily available on any smartphone.

Broadcast Networks QRrabbit enables broadcasters to provide advertisers with a premium service, putting them in direct contact with their chosen audience, plus rich analytics previously unavailable to the broadcast industry. This enhanced offering allows broadcasters to differentiate themselves from other providers, and supports revenue growth opportunities by showing advertisers their network’s true value.

Advertisers The challenge with television advertising is the lack of reliable data to determine the most effective targeted message, the most effective channel to use, and the best time slots. It is very difficult to measure the specific return on investment (ROI) with TV advertising, leading to unclear indications on how well you have spent your budget. At best, you’re left with an educated guess about reach, impact and overall viewer engagement with your message.

QRrabbit eliminates the guesswork, enabling smarter TV ad spending, with richer engagement data, plus a management platform to enhance your new and existing ads to make them stand out from your competitors.

With our advanced analytics, you can discover more about your target audience and their viewing habits, and know precisely when and where they engaged with your ad. QRrabbit enables a powerful direct connection to your viewers, easily linking your TV campaigns to your social media and web presences, or any other digitally-delivered material you choose.

TV Production Companies / Shows Increasingly, TV production includes viewer interaction via voting and audience participation, like voting someone off a game show, or voting to keep your favorite act in the talent contest. Most shows have moved to text (SMS) voting systems, but QRrabbit offers a revolutionary alternative.

With QRrabbit, the viewer simply raises their phone to the screen at the moment their vote is required, and that vote is instantly tallied on the back end. Once the vote/response is logged, we can automatically direct them to your website or microsite, to gather more information, promote other ventures, or even sell merchandise directly. As a result, viewers continue enjoying the show with minimal disruption, while driving richer and deeper engagement with the content, and the show itself.

Non-Profit / Charity Creating a significant impact, and increasing awareness of your cause is vital for all non-profits, but funds are always limited. One of the challenges is to determine strategically the best way to spend precious funds in order to obtain the best return on investment (ROI).

Clearly, TV advertising is an effective way to convey your message, but it's expensive and there's no reliable, accurate way of measuring its effectiveness. QRrabbit enables you to measure not only the effectiveness of your message reaching the target audience, but also actively encourages the audience to interact and become supporters / donors.

Once viewers connect via your TV spot, QRrabbit captures crucial viewer data, allowing further development of the viewer relationship, turning every viewer into a potential donor. This maximizes your opportunities to reinforce your message, and engage in meaningful customer relationships that can build greater customer loyalty over time. QRrabbit enables accurate measurement of your TV ad ROI, while building stronger recruitment, fundraising and retention strategies over time.