Direct digital Engagement with your TV audience

Among TV advertising’s greatest preoccupations is measurability.
"While televisions generate billions of commercial impacts every day, it's hard to measure precisely how many of these are viewed."
— Partner at Deloitte —
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Available Opportunities for
Broadcast Networks
QRrabbit enables broadcasters to provide advertisers with a premium service, putting them in direct contact with their chosen audience, plus rich analytics previously unavailable to the broadcast industry.
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The challenge with television advertising is the lack of reliable data to determine the most effective targeted message, the most effective channel to use, and the best time slots.
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TV Production Companies / Shows
Increasingly, TV production includes viewer interaction via voting and audience participation, like voting someone off a game show, or voting to keep your favorite act in the talent contest.
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Non-Profit / Charity
Creating a significant impact, and increasing awareness of your cause is vital for all non-profits, but funds are always limited.
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What is a QR Code?
A QR code encodes arbitrary data much like a barcode does. We leverage this technology to encode website URLs that can then be scanned using a QR code reader App readily available on any smartphone. With the release of iOS 11, Q4 2017, over 1 billion smartphones will have built-in QR scanning capabilities via the native camera app.
For the first time ever, Agencies, Brands and Broadcasters can now fully track and measure engagement with their TV audience - quickly, simply, and effectively.
Imagine powerful back-end analytics - comparable to what you get with online media - generated by your TV viewers and their activity. Know precisely when and where each active viewer engaged with your message, and direct their post-click experience to be most relevant and actionable based on that data. This is a whole new way to bridge the gap between broadcast media and mobile devices, in real time.